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Imbalance occurs when the few speak for the many, and we all suffer for it.

At Creative Theory, we restore the balance by amplifying voices, and telling necessary stories that overturn common narratives. In short, we are boardroom advocates— a voice for the overlooked, from concept to completion. We help brands understand who they are, so they can add to the conversation, not the noise.

williams jr

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gary gary shapes

gary williams jr is a curator of culture.

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Over the course of the last decade, the award-winning photographer has adjusted his focus to capture the unique moments that bring value to communities, and prioritize perspective over commerce. Whether behind the lens or a podium, in a boardroom or a dark room, his work earns the right to tell diverse stories, turning a business into a brand. In other words, most brands and companies are reactors; with Gary’s eye they become creators. With a client list that includes Nike, BMW, Timex, and more, the corporate world is taking notice: says Williams, “Culture has many different meanings, but it hinges on authentic experiences within different ethnic groups. We know culture drives, shapes, and informs our world and without it we’d all live very bland lives void of unique experiences.”

In a new media world replete with identity politics, Gary is the renegade who ditches the politics and focuses on identity. He doesn’t take on projects without asking Who is this story about, Who is this story for, and Why are we telling it? Authenticity is his portfolio’s pedigree.

While the creative powerhouse calls Creative Theory his home and family, his greatest work occurs at home with his family, where he proudly embraces his role as a husband and father.



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tamon george is a creative theorist

Co-Founder & CEO

Navigating the intersections of art, academia, and enterprise, Tamon flexes his creativity by leveraging research, intersectionality, and proven marketing philosophies. These are the trademarks of Tamon’s creative practice. For Creative Theory, this means simply that in a shifting corporate landscape, Tamon is a scholar in targeting diverse perspectives.

Tamon completed his MBA in 2015, but as an addendum to an already robust skillset, completed certifications in digital strategy at Harvard University and Dartmouth.

As a practitioner Tamon has dedicated his professional career to cultural storytelling, leading branded content campaigns at pivotal cultural moments for global brands.



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ashlee green is an agitator of potential.

Sr. Account Manager

Pushing brands, organizations, small businesses, and even individuals to their limits doesn’t happen without vision. Curious, charismatic, and creative, Ashlee has an impeccable ear for finding and amplifying stories that aren’t being heard, and heart for telling them. She accomplishes this by listening earnestly, representing authentically, and, most importantly, creating space for those she represents.

With over a decade of experience in event production and creative consulting in the lifestyle, wellness and cultural spaces, Ashlee’s portfolio includes work focused on identifying unique opportunities for clients to maximize their reach and impact in multicultural markets.

And just in case you were wondering: Some of her favorite things include gin, (Michigan) football, and the oxford comma. In that order.



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trivell miller is a visionary force.

Lead Cinematographer

When time, energy, and purpose meet, the results are dynamic, and even dangerous. After 13 years working for the federal government, Trivell ditched bureaucracy and stability for a self-taught cinematography career. He is inspired by and dedicated to capturing “real life” emotion. That means creating films that give people a voice and shed light on stories of our shared experiences.

From helping brands shift their strategy to include underrepresented audiences, to being amongst a generation of future filmmakers finding their voice; he speaks clearly and passionately. “Being creative is different for everyone. There isn’t one blueprint for success — it comes from finding your own way and making something out of it. Believe in your artistry and be true to yourself.”


gordon jr

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gerald gordon, 
jr is an ambassador of insight.

Brand Manager

What happens when a nomadic military family raises a digital native? In the case of Gerald, you get a potent communicator, able to bridge gaps between cultures, concepts, and creative campaigns. Gerald brings a skill vital to any storytelling effort: taking complex and disparate information and events, identifying the core thread through, and sharing it in a way that forges connections with new and diverse audiences.

Gerald possesses the unique ability to step into a new space, be it a burgeoning brand or a new digital communications platform, and represent the interests of not only the client at hand and agency he represents, but also the diverse people they aim to serve. In the digital age, this is done by fluently speaking the language of today’s digital natives. And the result? Leading brands like American Express, Alexander Wang, and BET Networks trust Gerald to take on their campaigns, and connect them with their core audience, through powerful stories, potent experiences, and up-to-date communication tools.

Brand messaging and reputation management is core to the marketing efforts of any people-focused company, and Gerald, by upbringing and through education, is built for it.



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digital snake digital snake danielle

Danielle Burgess is a creative alchemist.

Something magical happens when a child refuses to grow up and abandon their dreams. While dreamers tend to have their heads in the clouds, Danielle’s grounded, service-oriented nature drove her to seek positions that filled a practical need. She worked in retail while achieving her BA in English at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her hard work ethic and love of story is what propelled her to be one of the youngest operations specialists at luxury fashion house Christian Dior in DC City Center. While she loved the pace and challenge of delivering excellent customer service to the DC elite, it was time to pursue her true passion full time; visual storytelling. With her resourcefulness and strong belief in the importance of team she soon found a home at Creative Theory. As a producer at CT, she takes great pride in working with the creative team to bring their visions to life.

Her ultimate dream is to get larger markets to recognize and appreciate DC as the up-and-coming creative market that it is.


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