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Diversity and Influence: Creating Channels for Everyone


As the world’s leading video streaming platform and second largest search engine,  YouTube carries a unique and weighty responsibility in media culture. When research showed a disparity between the number of Black and Latinx YouTube creators and the distribution of earnings and access to advertisers among top platform creators, YouTube invested in conscious efforts to better support its diverse creator communities. To achieve this, YouTube consulted CTA to create brand experiences that bring more attention to the talent and reach of these communities while also facilitating clear paths to dollars with YouTube’s largest advertisers.



Create culturally relevant programming that recognizes the value and impact of YouTube’s diverse creator communities. 



Collaboration is key in nuanced messaging, and Creative Theory partnered with production agencies MAS and GoodSense to bring culturally thematic and relevant programming in support of diverse creators to YouTube’s marquee events #YouTubeBlack, Creator Summit, and VidCon. Embracing the challenge, CTA focused on developing an overall theme and experience for the events, intentionality in messaging, and graphics across each event to build a sense of community and help diverse creators feel supported, valued, and encouraged to continue to create. 



Fostering an authentic positive relationship between companies and creators is always a priority but rarely a promise. This project delivered on both ends—creators felt seen and heard and YouTube representatives came to better understand the value and impact of its diverse creator communities.


Communities (African American, Latinx, LGBTQ, Asian American)

Culturally relevant gifting & programming