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Grow with Google

Small Businesses, Economic Opportunity For All

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Google is a brand committed to giving minority business owners the tools to thrive. For Black History Month, Google approached Creative Theory Agency to create a video narrative of a Black-owned company as part of its Grow with Google program. They wanted to partner with an agency that understood the unique perspective of a small Black business owner. As a Black-owned business ourselves, CTA knew that we’d have to tell a personal story with universal appeal so that it could resonate with a wide set of minority entrepreneurs.



To faithfully document the ups and downs of being a Black business owner in DC, and to highlight how Grow with Google’s range of free tools and resources helps Black and LatinX business owners succeed.



Creative Theory’s aim was not only to provide a professional-grade video—we wanted to deliver a living document that spoke to the realities of minority business owners everywhere. And so, we prioritized authenticity above all else. We captured footage in the places that meant the most to the business—from the restaurant where the owners birthed their business idea over a plate of nachos, to the kitchen table that doubled as their design studio. We also paid homage to the historically Black neighborhoods in DC that support and inspire Black small business owners today. As a result, we were able to reveal the rich tapestry that makes up a local business community while crafting a compelling arc with global dimensions.



The video generated 68K organic views to date,  expanded the brand’s growing reach and documented impact of the Grow with Google program.


Pre-pro // Narrative, scouting, story arch

Pro // Cinematography, lighting, production

Post-pro // Editing, Coloring, Audio mixing