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Google’s Diversity Annual Report

Turning Numbers Into Narrative

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The Opportunity

Each year, Google releases its much-anticipated and intensely-scrutinized Annual Diversity Report. The report provides the media, the wider tech community, and even the U.S. Congress, with updates on Google’s global diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives—and acts as a benchmark of corporate social responsibility. In 2020, Google reached out to Creative Theory Agency to help craft a report that did more than spew statistics. So, beyond just digging into the data, CTA interviewed diversity and inclusion experts in the communities Google calls home, to surface the type of narrative becoming of such a high-impact report.


The Ask

To connect the dots behind the data.


Our Theory

Beyond just crunching numbers, CTA focused on showcasing Google’s impact—past, present, and future. CTA consulted with Google’s top internal diversity and inclusion experts to help craft a report that told an authentic, engaging, and informative story with far-reaching implications. This copywriting and narrative work built on CTA’s 2019 task to reimagine visual representations of diversity at Google through representative photography captured at Google’s NYC and SF campuses.


The Impact

An Annual Diversity Report that’s truly representative.

Our work on the Diversity Annual Report extended far beyond the offices of CTA and Google, presenting lawmakers in Congress with a more holistic view of Google’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. 


Copy Writing

Copy Editing

Research & Narrative Development