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Dick’s Sporting Goods

Courtside Content in Real Time


Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG) was host to the largest high school basketball tournament in the nation. But, considering the event took place in NYC, a basketball and streetwear hotbed, the tournament was at odds with how consumers thought of the DSG brand: suburban, traditional, and all-the-same. The DSG team needed to renew and revitalize its image by feeding real-time content through its social media channels and website that would resonate with a more diverse and dynamic audience. 



To take over the DSG social handles and feed courtside content directly to fans. 



Creative Theory provided an on-site creative team throughout the three-day, nationally-televised tournament, focused on chronicling key moments of basketball culture and championship intensity. CTA inserted itself into the action and captured photos and videos that brought the tournament experience to life for an online audience. Understanding that today’s basketball scene is just as much about the drip as it is about the dunks, we also captured the courtside culture, showcasing detailed looks of the most eye-catching uniforms and sneakers. And by shooting, assembling, and sharing this content in real-time, CTA kept DSG’s audience engaged and informed at every juncture. 



Creative Theory went beyond the sidelines to capture the culture of high school b-ball and reintroduce the DSG brand to a broader demo.


Media (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook)

Content capture, copywriting